Aimee Solis, Executive Director (North Springs Location)

Aimee (she/her) is the founder and Executive Director of Mindful Springs Counseling and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in CO and IL. She uses her intuition, presence, compassion and certification in Brainspotting to help clients integrate all parts of themselves and their experience. She is an intuitive counselor with a focus in mindfulness, and stays up-to-date with the latest brain science to support clients in creating their lives from a place of authenticity. Aimee periodically accepts new clients interested in Brainspotting and is an MSC Level V Psychotherapist.

Aimee has been a practicing psychotherapist since 2006. She offers individual and couples counseling, entrepreneurial coaching, and pre-licensure supervision for LPCC's. Aimee graduated from Northwestern University and completed her graduate intern and externships at NU's The Family Institute in Evanston, Illinois. She is passionate about business development and entrepreneurial coaching, therapy for parents seeking to improve their parenting and relationships with their children, helping adults heal from childhood trauma, helping new mothers find peace and balance and to recover from postpartum depression and/ or anxiety, giving women and couples who have struggled with infertility or traumatic pregnancy/ child loss hope and peace, and supporting counselors in their growth through personal therapy or supervision.

Aimee uses her training in mindfulness and her compassionate nature along with her fun creativity to help clients integrate all parts of their experience and selves to live authentically. She is an intuitive psychotherapist, and works to stay grounded in the latest brain science and attachment research. Aimee is also certified in Brainspotting to provide trauma resolution and recovery from anxiety and depression effectively and quickly.

Aimee brings joy and healing into her life through movement, mindful diet, pausing, leaning in, and remembering fun.


Amanda Baker, Clinical Director and Perinatal Program Manager (North Springs Location)

Amanda (she/her) believes that the ability for healing and growth lies within each individual. This guiding principle is reflected in her use of EMDR, mindfulness, and other therapy skills to help her clients find the healing that they are looking to achieve. She is a firm believer in the importance of self care and practices yoga along with mindfulness and the nurturance of her soul. Amanda periodically accepts new clients and serves at Clinical Director and the Perinatal Wellness Program Manager. Amanda is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an MSC Level V Psychotherapist.

Amanda Baker, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) has been provding support services to individuals and families for more than 15 years. With bachelor's degrees in psychology and sociology from the Universtiy of Wyoming and a Master's in Social Work, Amanda has been honored to work with hundreds of clients. Most recently Amanda has been awarded a certification in Perinatal Mental Health from Postpartum Support International; one of only four in the state. In addition she has had the opportunity to specialize in supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as working with crisis stabilization due to on going mental health issues.

Her current practice focuses on enhancing the experience of expectant and postpartum families with the ability to to also work with individuals and families of all ages. Amanda uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to support the growth and healing of clients: DBT, CBT, strengths based perspectives, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, Internal Family Systems, and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing).


Christina "CJ" Sincere, Operations and Administrative Services Manager (North Springs Location)

CJ (she/her) is an invaluable part of the Mindful Springs team and often really is the glue that keeps us working together well. Beginning as our main administrative services representative, CJ assisted our Executive Director in creating a functional daily, weekly and monthly work flow at the Practice, raising the quality of our client service, expanding our administrative services and ensuring the collaboration between staff and teams. She now leads an expanding administrative services team of 4 and is continually working on ways to improve our work flow and client care.

Christina “CJ” Sincere, Operations and Administrative Services Manager, is a natural multi-tasker, who tends to be juggling at least 10 proverbial balls at any given time. CJ is involved in behind-the-scenes client care and support, ensuring our clients get the best service. A part-time homeschooling mom of 5, she is a natural caregiver, well suited her role at Mindful Springs Counseling. CJ is happiest when she is taking care of others – clients, therapists, family, friends, pets and livestock!

In her “free time” she can usually be found creating lesson plans, driving kids around, feeding people, talking to her family in Germany, or, if she’s really lucky, she’ll be out camping and fishing with her husband.


Sandi Forsythe, Eating Disorder Recovery Program Manager (Monument Location)

Sandi (she/her) is passionate about educating her clients and the community on healing through mental health. She is also the Eating Disorder Recovery Program Manager and Supervisor. Sandi strives to bring a creative approach to practice with each client. She believes in mutual collaborate with client in order to reach goals and create positive change. Sandi works with clients of all ages and uses various modalities to treatment. Sandi is currently taking new clients. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an MSC Level IV Psychotherapist.

Sandi graduated with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family therapy and today she practices as a licensed therapist. Her areas of specialization are with eating disorders, bipolar disorder, OCD, and Perinatal Wellness. Sandi has postgraduate training in BrainSpotting to assist with recovery from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depressive disorders, Perinatal Mental Health to treat postpartum depression and anxiety, and in the treatment of Eating Disorders including Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder.

Sandi currently enjoys working with youth, adolescents, and adults providing individual therapy and integrating family members into treatment as appropriate. She is skilled and experienced in working with a wide variety of clients. Her approach to working with clients who are suffering with an eating disorder includes addressing the family complexities that come along with treating ED clients. Sandi works with clients to empower and educate; and is skilled in the area of mood stabilization through skill building.

Sandi’s approach to treatment is both narrative as well as cognitive behavioral based, though draws from a variety of therapeutic approaches recognizing that each client has individual needs and goals and continues her education by striving to stay current on the latest advances in the psychology and psychotherapy world. Sandi strives to create a safe, healthy, and collaborative setting for her clients as she understands that reaching out for help is a big step toward mental health.

​In her time outside of work, Sandi enjoys exercise, playing with her children, and loving on her three dogs.


Meghan Begue, Compliance Officer (West Springs Location)

Meghan (she/her) is a licensed social worker (LSW) who specializes in the treatment of trauma, self-esteem, anxiety, depression and women’s issues. Meghan is passionate about empowering young adults. She is open, affirming and passionate about topics surrounding sexuality and LGBTQIAP+. Through warmth, unconditional positive regard and a variety of therapeutic approaches, she creates a safe, healing environment for her clients. She is a Licensed Social Worker, a student intern clinical supervisor, MSC's internal compliance officer, and an MSC Level II Psychotherapist.

Meghan Begue, MSSA, LSW (she/ her) graduated from the University of Akron, Ohio with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She received her Master of Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio with a focus on direct mental health practice.

Meghan enjoys working with adolescents and adults from ages 16 and above. She specializes in treating trauma, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, women’s issues and transitional age youth. A passion of Meghan is to empower adolescents and young adults through the development of positive self-esteem, the cultivation of courage and motivation to set rewarding life goals. Meghan is currently enrolled in postgraduate training in EMDR (for the treatment of trauma) and perinatal mental health.

Additionally, Meghan is open, affirming and passionate about women’s mental health and topics surrounding sexuality and LGBTQIAP+. She is dedicated in helping her clients find motivation to make positive changes in their lives. Meghan uses an eclectic approach in therapy through the combination of cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and mindfulness modalities. She is currently pursuing training and certification in Perinatal Mental Health.

Meghan enjoys reading, writing, kayaking, camping, rock climbing and wood working. She also loves spending time outdoors with her dog, Moose.



Mary Estrada, Internship Coordinator (West Springs Location)

Mary (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker and MSC Level IV Psychotherapist specializing in play therapy, infant / parent therapy, adolescent, adult and family therapy. Mary also is a staff and intern clinical supervisor. She works with children as young as 2-years, as well as adolescents and individuals, helping them heal from trauma, depression, ADHD and anxiety. Mary uses a strengths-based and coaching approach, weaving Reiki, art & play techniques into her work.

Mary Estrada, MSW, LCSW specializes in working with children, adolescents, families & women. In private practice since 1991, Mary specializes in play therapy, infant / parent and filial therapy, individual therapy, ADHD, life and parent coaching, trauma, attachment, depression, anxiety and grief work. Committed to helping individuals heal, find joy and live with purpose, Mary weaves Reiki, guided visualization, meditation and mindfulness into her work with children, adolescents and adults.

Mary received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver in 1991. She holds a 2-year post graduate certificate in Infant Mental Health from the School of Infant Mental Health, London, England and is certified in EMDR with adults and children. She teaches Parenting with Love and Logic and Positive Solutions for Families. Mary is a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Committed to work life balance, Mary enjoys spending as much time as possible with family and friends. She loves to write, hike, run, kayak and camp.

North Springs


Meredith Faas, LCSW

Meredith (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MSC Level III Psychotherapist, and school social worker in D-12. She is talented at connecting with adolescents and young adults, making them feel seen, safe, and heard. Meredith also enjoys working with athletes on performance and identity. She provides individual and family therapy to ages 10 and up.

Meredith provides individual and family therapy to ages 10 and up and is an LCSW who has experience working in the school setting, homeless shelters, and residential treatment facilities. She also has experience working with the juvenile justice system and has a heart for at-risk youth. Meredith is able to integrate her past experience into the therapy setting, understanding the school system and how to the system both can affect and support students with mental health needs.

Meredith is also an athlete and enjoys working with athletes on identity issues involving sports and performance. She has always been passionate about hearing people’s stories and making people feel seen and heard and has a talent for connecting with others. Meredith is zealous about working with adolescents and young adults and empowering them to become their most whole and authentic self. She creates a calming, compassionate, and healing environment with her clients. Meredith would be honored to walk-alongside you as you take another step toward healing and growth.


Cherylynn Hernandez- Rutz, SWC

Cherylynn (she/her) is a Clinical Social Worker Candidate (SWC) and an MSC Level II Psychotherapist who is passionate about helping women, children, and families heal and flourish after experiencing trauma resulting in PTSD, depression, attachment disorders, behavioral struggles, and anxiety.  Cherylynn uses a client-centered and trauma-informed approach while treating each individual with dignity.

Cherylynn, MSW, SWC (she/her) graduated from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, with a Bachelor’s in Organizational Communication.  She received her Master in Social Work from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and is working on obtaining her LCSW.  

Cherylynn has worked with children and families as a Case Manager and offered Home Support Services for families that have experienced extreme trauma.  She was involved in an Anti-Human trafficking organization as well as working with the United Way’s Education Impact Program to aid children with behavioral challenges and help them achieve their desired potential.  She was instrumental in implementing a ministry to provide mentorship and support for single mothers to overcome various challenges such as imprisonment, unemployment, and addictions. 

Cherylynn is passionate about an individual’s self-determination and treating everyone with dignity using a client-centered and trauma-focused approach.  She is committed to helping individuals heal from trauma and build resiliency to enjoy family, friends, work, and life fully.  Cherylynn has a soft spot for working with mothers who have experienced childhood trauma to develop skills for building healthy relationships with their babies and children.  

Cherylynn enjoys the outdoors, especially with her husband.  She loves spending time with her children and grandchildren and has a variety of hobbies, including making jewelry, crocheting, and creating abstract art.  


Jessie Walter, LPCC

Jessie (she/her) believes counseling is about bolstering your strengths, purposefully leaning into your pain, refining your life tools to more effectively manage the anxiety, depression, emotional distress, grief, illness, loss, relationship challenges, transitions, trauma, etc., and helping you to accept, honor, and respect yourself in ways that are fulfilling and meaningful. Jessie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate and an MSC Level II Psychotherapist.

Jessie approaches counseling with a deep appreciation for the unique ways each of us works to embrace happiness, process pain, and pursue growth. We all have a rich history of experiences to integrate and, the reality is, at times, that can seem a monumental endeavor; to Jessie, this is where counseling comes in.

She believes counseling is about bolstering your strengths, purposefully leaning into your pain, refining your life tools to more effectively manage the anxiety, depression, emotional distress, grief, illness, loss, relationship challenges, transitions, trauma, etc., and helping you to accept, honor, and respect yourself in ways that are fulfilling and meaningful.

Perhaps it’s also being a professional massage therapist for nearly two decades, but Jessie enjoys integrating multiple therapeutic approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and strength-based elements, to encourage healing. She enjoys learning from you what is working (and what is not). Each session is tailored to who you are, in that moment, and what it is that you are needing - be it as an individual, a couple, or a family.

Jessie specializes in working with those who are ready to invest in cultivating change in their lives. She knows that it’s not about how many life tools you have, but how you consciously and actively apply them. Jessie has advanced training in grief and loss, which she views as woven into the very fabric of struggle. She also has worked extensively with those challenged by chronic illness and physical disabilities; navigating the myriad of dimensions that arise. Jessie is also a part of the perinatal-focused counseling team; giving attention to the vast array of transformations during this period of life. As well as, the eating-disorder-focused counseling team; untangling the complexities to achieving a healthy lifestyle.



Camille Rhoades, LPC

Camille (she/her) is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado, a postgraduate trained perinatal mental health specialist, and an MSC Level III Psychotherapist. She received her master’s degree in clinical psychology from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2013. She has worked in private practice, crisis response, community mental health, and inpatient psychiatric care.  Camille’s compassionate approach to learning clients’ stories and building upon their strengths allows for improved growth and quality of life.

Camille has been working in the mental health field since 2009. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Colorado Mesa University in 2009, and completed her Master’s Degree at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2013.

Camille began her career as part of a crisis response team at a community mental health center. She has since been part of a research team at Colorado Dept of Corrections, been part of a multidisciplinary team at a community health center, worked with those in need of inpatient psychiatric care, and providing outpatient individual counseling.

Camille takes an eclectic approach to counseling theories, and she will tailor your counseling experience to you, as a unique individual. She uses techniques from person-centered, cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and gestalt therapies. Her expertise is in working with adults struggling with pregnancy-related issues and loss, substance use, mood or anxiety disorders, attachment (e.g., borderline personality disorder), ADHD, and trauma.

In her free time, Camille enjoys reading, Zumba, and walking local trails with her kids.


Michael Bollin, LPC

Michael (he/him) enjoys helping his clients to realize that they are so much more than their symptoms are telling them. He believes and has had much success with helping clients realize they are already whole and complete and their symptoms are often a product of their mind and nervous system patterns that date back to childhood. Through mindfulness training and CBT, he helps clients to overcome their negative “software program” that has caused them cyclical feelings and thoughts that have convinced them of their inadequacy. It is such a joy for him to watch clients learn to overcome these feelings and thoughts and take back their self-control over the mind and nervous system so they can better regulate stress and settle into their positive self- esteem. Michael works with ages 16 to any aged adult, and has had much success with incorporating family therapy in his work with individuals through an eclectic blend of CBT, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness training that is tailored to each client. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and MSC Level III Psychotherapist.

When clients are in session with me, my primary goal is to provide an empathetic, healing, and hope inspiring presence and atmosphere. I deeply connect with my clients and strive to create the space and relationship in which my clients feel safe and honored. I like for my clients to feel how much I care about them, while providing the truthful feedback and tools that help them take new levels of ownership for their own growth.

Clients who work with me can expect to identify and overcome many of the patterns and perceptions in their lives that have been holding them back and causing unpleasant symptoms like anxiety and depression. My clients learn how their perceptions, nervous systems, and thought lives were wired when they were younger, and they receive the tools to re-wire and create the new feelings, perceptions and patterns that they want. Most of my clients tell me that I help them feel hopeful and inspired to value themselves on a whole new level.

Some of the tools I use to help my clients are: building an empathetic therapeutic alliance with mutual trust, delivering excellent active listening, and helping clients to see and overcome mind patterns that have been leading to unpleasant symptoms. Mindfulness training is a fantastic tool in which I help my clients overcome their problematic thoughts and emotions while finding their true, valuable, peaceful self; outside of their old patterns and perceptions. Once you realize how your can change what thoughts you focus on, you can re-wire your perceptions.

The treatment modalities I use are Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. I combine these approaches into an eclectic and personalized approach to meet each of my clients where they are at, while helping them to see their perceptions differently. I enjoy doing in-session mindfulness training and many interactive CBT approaches to open up new possibilities of healing for my clients.

I received my Master’s degree in Professional Counseling about 6 years ago from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. I have been working full-time in private practice ever since then with hundreds of clients. I have had great success working with adults, teens and families suffering from a wide range of symptoms.

​One of my other specialties is Christian Counseling. I have learned the balance of providing faith-based CBT treatment for Christians while honoring my clinical training and expertise as a licensed counselor. Many people have a relationship with God, and I love being able to include God in our counseling approach to those who are interested. Of course, I would never impose my views on anyone and will honor each of my clients irrelevant of their spiritual beliefs.


Maryfaith Cressman, LCSW

Maryfaith (she/her) is an open minded, patient, and empathetic licensed clinical social worker. She meets people where they are in order to provide a unique experience that is tailored to the individual's needs. Maryfaith utilizes a holistic strengths based approach ensuring to provide a safe environment for growth and healing. She provides individual and family therapy and works with adults and children as young as 5 years, as well as adolescents. Maryfaith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an MSC Level III Psychotherapist.

Maryfaith graduated with her Masters degree in social work from Widener University in 2015. She has maintained her clinical license through continued education with a focus in clinical practice on post traumatic stress and growth, holistic and mindful based therapy, play therapy, suicidality, and grief and loss.

Maryfaith enjoys working with children as young as 5, adolescents, and families. She specializes in issues of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and self harm, post traumatic stress disorder, behavioral concerns, postpartum mental health, terminal and chronic medical issues, and grief and loss.

Maryfaith meets clients where they are to create a unique and safe therapeutic relationship promoting healing, empowerment, and overall well-being. Maryfaith cultivates a growth mindset in both her professional and personal life believing new abilities and skills can be developed through practice.

Maryfaith enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, and loves to read. She enjoys spending time outside and exploring the many ghost towns of Colorado. Maryfaith prioritizes self care and encourages everyone to practice self care regularly.


Danielle Porch, LPCC

Dani (she/her) believes that therapy takes courage, and she is immensely grateful for every client that chooses to walk through their story with her. She believes that a rich life is one where a person can live fully integrated, body mind and spirit, and she works with each individual client to move towards that goal. Dani practices with warmth, mindfulness and a healthy dose of humor. She enjoys working with ages 18 and up, and has a particular interest in working with military members and their families. Dani is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate and an MSC Level II Psychotherapist.

Dani comes to the counseling world with 10 years of professional experience working with veterans and their families and personally understands the stressors of military life having grown up an Army brat herself. Although intensely challenging, she has also seen how these stressors can foster tenacity, flexibility, openness and compassion in people. By identifying their strengths and exploring the narrative they tell themselves about their experiences, she believes clients can discover the power they hold to write new chapters in their lives.

Dani graduated with her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She uses a variety of modalities to best suit the personality and worldview of her clients. Whether Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing or something else altogether, she will help you find the right fit to reach your goals.

Therapy takes courage and she would love nothing more than to meet you on your path and see that bravery rewarded with a renewed sense of purpose, connection and fulfillment in your life. She is a warm and curious clinician who believes in the power of humor and creativity to connect with people. She also believes that therapy is about better understanding your brain-body-spirit connection and learning how you can become a more integrated person. She wants you to live the adventure you are uniquely meant to live.

An introvert at heart, Dani loves to be outside with her big black dog, Baron, eat good food with the people she loves, and cross items off her reading list. Netflix documentaries and repeat viewings of Parks & Rec are always good, too!


Lynnae Gillard, LSW

Lynnae (she/her) is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW), an MSC Level II Psychotherapist, and is passionate about walking alongside her clients in their journeys to healing and growth and empowering them to reach their unique goals, coming home more fully to themselves. Lynnae works with individuals ages 7 and up and families. She has experience working with family members who have a loved one going through an addiction, new mothers, and has worked with children, adolescents, and adults. Through holding a warm and nonjudgmental space, she hopes her clients can find freedom to process and heal and be their authentic selves.

Lynnae Gillard, MSW, LSW obtained her bachelor’s degree in social work from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota and her Master of Social Work degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

With a strengths-based and trauma-informed approach, Lynnae is committed to creating a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for her clients to feel heard and seen, in whatever situation they are currently facing. Lynnae is passionate about walking alongside her clients in their journeys to healing and growth and empowering them to reach their unique goals and come home more fully to themselves. Lynnae’s hope is to create and hold a nonjudgmental space for her clients to process and feel freedom to be their authentic selves.

Lynnae has experience working with children, adolescents, and families, including in international settings. Lynnae has worked with new mothers through the Department of Human Services and is passionate about supporting women through major life transitions, in addition to helping children and adolescents through issues such as bullying, self-esteem, and emotion regulation. Lynnae specializes in helping individuals through addiction (particularly for family members who have a loved one experiencing an addiction), anxiety, grief, women’s issues, and trauma. Lynnae is pursuing training in Perinatal Mental Health and in treating eating disorders. Additionally, Lynnae enjoys helping clients incorporate their spirituality in their treatment goals.

Lynnae draws from cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, insight-oriented therapy, and mindfulness in her work with clients. Lynnae has experience working cross-culturally, speaks Spanish, and brings an awareness of intercultural issues to her work.

Lynnae is an avid reader and loves being outside walking, running, and hiking with her husband and dog for her self-care. Lynnae also enjoys cooking, baking, camping, backpacking, watching movies, and playing pickle-ball with friends.


Sarah Schadewald, LCSW

Sarah Schadewald, LCSW, PMH-C is a licensed clinical social worker, an MSC Level III Psychotherapist, and is certified in perinatal mental health. Sarah provides virtual visits only at this time. Her kind, compassionate nature as well as her skill and experience make her a wonderful fit for postpartum parents seeking support. Sarah also treats anxiety, depression, stress management and adjustment difficulties in the counseling setting. She provides individual and couples therapy to ages 15 and up.

Sarah has been providing counseling services to a number of populations since 2010. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Michigan Tech University; and went onto complete her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University

Sarah began her career in Community Mental Health, working with those involved in the criminal justice system, who oftentimes were also battling addiction. She began to develop an understanding of how much recovery is a community effort. Sarah continued her work by gaining experience in supporting the adolescent population during their transition to the teenage years and into adulthood. Eventually, she moved into Women’s Health services and is certified in Perinatal Mental Health.

Sarah specializes in working with adolescents and adults, ages 15 and above, facing issues surrounding Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Stress, Self-Esteem, Communication and Relationships. She likes to use a variety of approaches with her clients including Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Her primary goal with every client is to work with them with where they are at when they come in for counseling, and to cultivate a relationship with her clients to empower them during sessions.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time in the mountains, off-roading, hiking, and traveling. She has three dogs which she admits can be hectic, but wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Bren Cropped 3 copy

Brenda Eddington, LPCC

Bren (she/her) believes that each person is wonderfully unique.  She enjoys helping each client discover how to work within their own belief systems and values.  She guides clients toward developing a desire to continue forward and to feel inner peace within the outward storms of life.  She also believes that mental and physical health are intertwined and synergistic—one supports the other—they are both vital.  Bren loves helping clients create a personalized tool belt to successfully navigate depression, anxiety, emotional distress, relationship challenges, substance abuse, eating disorders, and trauma.  This helps clients to navigate well beyond the therapy session, allowing for a happier, more well-balanced life. Brenda is an MSC Level II Psychotherapist and an Eating Disorder Specialist.

Bren has enjoyed over 20 years of experience working with all ages, from toddlers, children, pre-teens, adolescents, and adults in a variety of settings including volunteer work in primary programs, youth programs, youth camps, and women’s organizations.  Bren has also participated in internships in victim advocacy, substance abuse and mental health counseling. She is currently working in a program that empowers youth to take leadership roles, serve others, and build self esteem creating the comfortability of managing life stressors and taking charge of their own direction and future. She loves seeing them grow and blossom in themselves.

She and her husband have been happily married for over 20 years and in their free time love going on adventures with their three children and participating in a variety of sports.  Bren loves the outdoors and with her family enjoys rock climbing, hiking, caving, camping, and for personal time loves snatching up a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book; preferably during a snowstorm.


Amber Wilson, SWC

Amber (She/Her) takes a trauma-informed, relational approach, and is deeply passionate about empowering her clients in their journey to reach their desired goals towards healing. She believes that practicing with empathy, warmth, safety, and trust facilitates an environment where clients can utilize holistic strengths to becoming securely themselves. Amber is a Clinical Social Worker Candidate and MSC Level II Clinician.

Amber Wilson, MSW, SWC obtained her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Rhode Island and her Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. She uses a variety of modalities to best suit the worldview, needs, and personality of her clients from a collaborative and evidence-based approach. Whether through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Trauma-Based Relational Training (TBRI), Motivational Interviewing (MI), etc., she will help you find the right fit for your needs. 

Amber has experience working with trauma, adolescents, families, LGBTQIA+, body dysmorphia, gender dysphoria, etc. She is passionate about supporting individuals and families through major life transitions, self-esteem, trauma, attachment wounds, emotional regulation, anxiety, grief, and depression. Additionally, Amber is pursuing training in treating eating disorders. Amber draws from Gestalt, Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, Van der Kolk’s Body Keeps the Score, Alan Schore’s Neuroscience work, and many other seminal works in the mental health field to incorporate a mind-body-spiritual connection to aid in her clients healing journey and understanding of trauma.

In Amber’s free time she can be found climbing mountains, lifting weights, hiking with her dogs, camping, or a quiet night in on the couch with a weighted blanket watching Grey’s Anatomy re-runs and Harry Potter movies.  


Rayna Quimby, LPC

Rayna (she/her) is a Licensed Professional Counselor, an MSC Level III Psychotherapist, and a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Clinician. She has worked with a variety of clients, has experience in community mental health and working with LGBTQIA+ populations. Rayna works with clients 16 and older and has special interest in working with people during pregnancy and postpartum and working with eating disorder relapse during pregnancy. She received her training and Masters degree at the University of Denver. She utilizes approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Person Centered, Trauma Informed and Positive Psychology. Rayna believes that through compassion, patience, and humor one can heal and move through their challenges to be able to grow and change.

Rayna likes to provide an inclusive and affirming therapeutic environment. She is also interested in working with clients needing support with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, pregnancy and infant loss, eating disorders, relationship issues, trauma and stress. 

Rayna focuses on nurturing a safe, effective, and thoughtful therapeutic relationship. She utilizes approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Person Centered, Trauma Informed and Positive Psychology. Rayna believes that through compassion, patience, and humor one can heal and move through their challenges to be able to grow and change. She believes that with awareness of our struggles and challenges, one can work towards identifying and modifying behaviors one wishes to change. Rayna is passionate about supporting clients to learn to heal and is passionate about the work she does. 

In her free time, you can find Rayna taking a drive through the mountains, relaxing by the lake or playing with her two furry friends, Cali and Frankie!


Mary Emily Butt, LPCC

Mary Emily is an LPCC in the eating disorder recovery program @ Mindful Springs and completed her graduate education in counseling at the University of Colorado. Mary Emily is passionate about helping clients harness the power that already exists within themselves. She is honored by the uniqueness of each individual and how that manifests in the therapy room. She believes in the strength of meaning-making in the therapy process and looks forward to walking with you on this journey. Mary is training under the supervision of Sandi Forsythe, LMFT and is an MSC Level II Psychotherapist.

West Springs


Latalia White, LMFT

Latalia (she/her) is a marriage and family therapist candidate, a Level III MSC Psychotherapist, and specializes in couples therapy, sex therapy, infidelity, and financial therapy. She also has clinical interests in anxiety, depression, life transitions, and issues of identity. Latalia enjoys working with clients of all ages in individual, couples, and family therapy.

Latalia is a marriage and family therapist who specializes in couples therapy, sex therapy, infidelity, and financial therapy. She received a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University, where she trained at the Bette D. Harris Family and Child Clinic located within The Family Institute, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University in Slavic Languages and Literatures. Latalia is a certified Prepare Enrich facilitator and is currently enrolled in postgraduate training in perinatal mental health.

Latalia provides individual, couple, and family therapy to children, adolescents, and adults of all ages. Her areas of clinical interest include issues of identity in adolescence and adulthood, life stage transitions, sexual concerns and intimacy, financial concerns, living with medical illness, anxiety, depression, communication problems, and conflict. Latalia is an LGBTQ-affirming therapist and is committed to understanding the cultural contexts in which her clients live.

Latalia uses an integrative and systemic framework in her therapy with a client-centered, strengths-based focus. She draws from a variety of methodologies and empirically-supported treatments to help each client system meet their needs and goals. She provides a warm, empathetic, and nonjudgmental therapeutic environment and believes that change in therapy comes once a supportive client-therapist relationship has been established. Latalia focuses on helping her clients gain insight and make positive changes in their lives by working collaboratively with them in reaching their goals while respecting their expertise of their own lives. She feels it is a privilege to work alongside her clients as they engage in the brave, challenging, and rewarding journey of therapy.

In her free time, Latalia enjoys hiking, reading, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her husband.


Trude Holli, LMFT

"It takes courage to begin therapy. And hope, even when you feel the most hopeless."

Trude (she/ her) invites you into private conversations on how to cope with roadblocks that hinders joy and participation in life, in relationships and with ourselves. She’ll collaborate with the part of each person that desires change and wants new directions. If you and your partner struggle to connect, Trude offers you both a safe place to practice new steps to take. Trude is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an MSC Level III Clinician.

Trude began her interest in human behaviors while studying humanities at the University of Oslo, Norway. Curiosity and wanderlust brought her to Arizona State University where she stayed long enough to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast journalism and communication. Eventually she moved from Norway with her family, settled outside Chicago where she completed a Master’s degree at Northern Illinois University, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy. Longing for nature and mountains, she feels she is coming home when being in Colorado Springs. 

Trude emphasizes working with adult individuals (18yrs +) and couples that long for more fulfilling lives and connected relationships. She is sensitive to the extent our stressful lives hinders authentic relationships. By mindful body awareness she helps clients cope with tension from stress and trauma, and leads clients to resource with parts they may not have known. She supports people who reach for their spirituality to assist in that. She’s is also certified in use of hypnosis to promote healing.   

A passion for Trude is women’s sexuality and physical desire. Many women need help to mindfully get back in touch with their bodies to re-awaken their sensuality. 

Trude believes humans are hardwired to connect with others. When we get stuck in rigid relationship patterns there’s usually a good reason for it. She is trained in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for both couples and individuals. She aims to help clients have far less judgement and much more compassion for themselves and loved ones! Healing can happen as we become more emotionally agile.

In spite of the sincerity and seriousness Trude brings to her work, she loves to laugh, joke, play and be physically active. Nature is the seat of her soul and she’ll especially enjoy it when she adventures with her rescue dogs.


Anna Nicol, LCSW

Anna (she/her) takes a holistic and relational approach when working with clients and is dedicated to creating a safe and nonjudgmental space. She focuses on building awareness of and strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection by considering all aspects of an individual to assist them in their own healing journey. Anna supports clients in finding their voices and meaning in their own stories so they can move towards wholeness and healing, and sees clients ages 14 and up. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an MSC Level III Psychotherapist.

Anna is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 15 years of experience in the fields of mental health and human services. She has a Masters in Social Work from Colorado State University and a Bachelors in Social Work from Bethel University. Anna is also a Certified Nutrition Therapist and studied with the Nutrition Therapy Institute.

Anna takes a holistic and relational approach when working with clients and is dedicated to creating a safe and nonjudgmental space. She focuses on building awareness of and strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection by considering all aspects of an individual to assist them in their own healing journey.
She specializes in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression, women’s issues, disordered eating, body image, behavioral problems and emotional dysregulation. Anna supports clients in finding their voices and meaning in their own stories so they can move towards wholeness and healing

Anna is trained in EMDR, DBT, Acudetox and uses principles from mindfulness and strengths based practices, empowerment, CBT, ACT and trauma-informed care. Anna also uses certifications in nutrition therapy and yoga to assist clients in developing their own strategies towards increased health and wellbeing.

​Outside of the office, Anna is passionate about running and nature and enjoys finding balance in life with practices such as hiking, yoga, meditation, reading and cooking. She enjoys being outside as much as she can and spending quality time with her partner and pups.

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