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Clarity. Balance. Peace.


You can heal. You can move forward. You can learn how to transform your life.
At Mindful Springs, we support you in healing the mind, body, and spirit and in living a full life!


You Don't Have to Continue to Suffer

Life can be painful, joyous and everything in between! There will always be changes that occur outside of us that we won't be able to control and old ways of surviving may not help anymore. Through support and connection with yourself and others, you can heal. You've made it here and you've taken the first step.

Why Therapy?

Counseling is a powerful experience and necessary to improve mental health and integrate mood management into your life. Mindful Springs Counseling is committed to compassionate, person-centered relationships allowing you to receive this support in a non-judgmental, safe space. The service you receive at Mindful Springs Counseling will be an authentic and vulnerable relationship helping you tune in to your experience and needs.

MSC offers individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, specialized postpartum recovery and support and group therapy.



We know that your health and safety are of utmost priority. As life begins to return to a new normal, many of our staff, most who are fully vaccinated, have returned to the office for appointments. Virtual appointments remain available as well (please check with your insurance plan regarding coverage). Please visit our COVID-19 Response page for more information.

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"Do I have a mood disorder?"

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Why Choose Mindful Springs Counseling?

At Mindful Springs Counseling, we can help you address the issues that are most important to you and make lasting life changes. We are caring, compassionate psychotherapists and wellness professionals who use a gentle approach with our clients. We can help you learn ways to feel better and make important, lasting changes in your life.


Intention and Mindfulness

Our therapists take self-care seriously, working hard everyday to practice what we preach. And of course, we are intentionally mindful in our practice.


Perinatal Support

The area's first perinatal mental health focused program is part of Mindful Springs Counseling and includes individual, family and couples counseling as well as support and therapy groups, services to providers, and wellness workshops!


Eating Disorder Recovery

Colorado Springs' only specialized outpatient Eating Disorder Recovery Program is part of Mindful Springs Counseling and includes individual, family, couples, and group therapy.



We have expanded our expertise beyond the traditional clinical psychotherapy knowledge incorporating wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, energy psychology practices, art, EMDR, Brainspotting, neuroscience and attachment, and more into our work to help our clients find lasting change.


Insurance Coverage

We are committed to being a practice where counseling is accessible so we accept many insurance plans. Please contact our office for more information or visit our FAQs page.


Education and Training

We have studied and practiced at top-rated schools and training institutions for counseling, social work and marital and family therapy, including Northwestern University, CSU, New York University, and UNC Greeley. The focus of our education is on mental health, and healthy relationships.


Continual Growth

We continue to attend training and certification programs to be the best human beings and therapists we can be to help support you. Our therapists have training and certifications in Brainspotting, EMDR, Perinatal Mental Health, Mindfulness, Couples, CBT, Play Therapy, Eating Disorder Treatment and more!


Specialized Expertise

We have a special interest and expertise in women's issues, men's issues, perinatal wellness, eating disorder recovery, mood disorders and management, trauma resolution, parenting, and relationships.


Safe Space

Our clients tell us that they feel that we are safe, supportive and gentle, making it easy for them to develop trust in their primary counselor and discuss things that are difficult to open up about. We are a minority owned business, LGBQT+ informed, culturally competent and committed to ongoing conversations about diversity and to working with diverse populations.

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We can help you find the joy, clarity and balance that you're looking for whether it's for yourself, your child or your relationships. Click to get started or call us at (719) 357-8957.

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