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What really sets Mindful Springs Counseling apart is our focus on our clinical work and that we provide mental health care that makes a big difference in the lives of our clients! We are a values-based and mission-first practice that is always accepting resumes for staff that want to contribute to our community and who align with our goals and mission statement: To provide quality, dynamic, and accessible mental health services to a diverse client population, while modeling responsibility, authenticity, vulnerability and continued growth and development.

With 9 years in business, we have created a reliable, dependable, collaborative, and supportive staff environment to ensure work-life balance and the delivery of effective mental health services. We are always on the cutting edge of offering effective care, holistic alternatives, and we value the recognition and respect of the whole self.

  • Do you feel isolated from colleagues, like passing ships in the night?
  • Do you long for a career with greater flexibility and control?
  • Is it time to be in private practice, but the business and administrative work involved feel overwhelming?
  • Do you want to accept insurance, but don't know where to start or realize that the expense of doing so is too high?
  • Do you want to focus on the client work you really do well and leave everything that is outside of your "genius zone" to the group?
  • Are you a solo practitioner and realizing that after taxes, expenses and the extra work you're putting in for administrative services, that solo practice isn't really worth the level of energy you're investing?
  • Clinical leadership including supervisors, managers and a clinical director
  • Clinical supervision
  • Peer consultation
  • Weekly specialized consultation groups
  • Practice-sponsored clinical training opportunities in trauma, perinatal mental health, eating disorder treatment, brainspotting, and more!
  • A collaborative + positive professional work environment
  • The ability to grow into and embrace your most authentic professional self
  • Career advancement opportunities and rewards for long-term employment
  • A full administrative team providing scheduling, intake and office support
  • Complete billing and accounting services done for you
  • Insurance credentialing and contracting support
  • A strong marketing approach providing an abundance of client referrals
  • The benefits of the group cost allowing our expenses to be reduced among many and our reimbursement rates to be higher due to the bargaining power of many
  • 1099, Salaried, and hourly pay opportunities with competitive 1099 pay ranges from 45-70% and W2 ranges from $40-70k (including bonus opportunities)
  • Bonus opportunities
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Opportunities for fully remote up to fully on-site work
  • Beautiful, modern offices
  • Benefits available including PTO, Health/ Vision/ Dental Insurance, Simple IRA with 3% matching, CEU and wellness expense reimbursement

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