"I have had the distinct privilege of being a school peer, colleague and group co-facilitator with Aimee Solis. Aimee consistently demonstrates a thoughtful, sensitive approach to her work. She brings a high level of integrity and client-centered care to her work, which allows her to connect with difficult to reach clients. Aimee has the ability to integrate deep empathy with a range of eclectic theories and techniques, yielding in powerful interventions. Most importantly, Aimee demonstrates and love for the work she does and a willingness to continue to grow and learn."

“I appreciate the hard work I’m being asked to do, both in sessions and out. It’s really affected my ability to process outside stimuli in a more positive, proactive way."

"My 13 year old daughter asked me what was normal for how long someone could see their counselor. I asked why. She said she wants to stay with Aimee a really long time; until she's all grown up."

"I saw another counselor a few years ago and was scared to start again because of how frustrated and emotionally unsafe I felt with her. I started seeing Aimee and I am so glad I did because I feel so safe and supported with her. I am glad I took the risk and tried again because now I know that it's not therapy that felt bad, it was just a bad fit with my other counselor."

“My therapist Mary helps me feel empowered to heal and love myself. She takes time to educate me about how my trauma has impacted my brain which is comforting. She is dedicated to my healing and helping me. I love that I can see my healing and growth that I have made. I also love that even outside of therapy I have the tools to help me.”

"Me escuchabas. Te voy a extranar mucho."
You listened to me. I am going to miss you a lot.

“In therapy I love that I am learning to cope better with situations and that I have an outlet to vent.”

“I love feeling validated [by my therapist], but most importantly, I love deep diving into the reasoning behind my issues/anxiety. Learning not only the tools I need to move forward, but also understanding how my past formed my behaviors today.”

“I look forward to therapy. And I find that the most interesting sessions are the ones where I don't necessarily have an "agenda" or specific issue to discuss. That seems to open the door to anything and it's been really refreshing and enlightening.”

"Counseling has helped me discover who I really am and love myself. I have also learned it is okay to seek comfort and help and my anxiety does not define me."

“I have been to a lot of therapists before, and none of them were very helpful, but my time with Sandi has been amazing and has helped me so much.”

“I feel like I’m working through my issues with the help and tools Sandi helps me with. My mental health quality of life is improved tremendously.”

“What I like most about therapy is that my therapist understands what I’m going through, and how compassionate and caring she is.”

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