Let’s learn to let go

Spring is time for change. It’s energy renewal happening all around us and we can use this renewal to wake us up to our lives. It’s a great energetic time to practice letting go. Take a look at your own patterns with holding emotional energy, holding onto people, or even to things and explore what …

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Why teaching your kids to share without boundaries isn’t empowering. Make the shift to Mindful Parenting.

To give myself a mommy break and pass on the importance of friends in my 3 year-old, only-child daughter, Olivia, I occasionally plan mommy and me play dates with friends of mine who have kids around the same age. It’s great… usually. During one of these play dates, my friend’s daughter, also 3, becomes fascinated …

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The Importance of Relationships

Check out this video on KRDO Channel 13 highlighting how important and changing relationships can be. Professionals outside of the mental health field are catching on on how to use a relationship as a catalyst for positive change! Aimee Solis talks about the importance of relationships, even in the Department of Corrections.


A reminder today to stop, find your center and focus on what you have.

Living Mindfully

Please have patience with me and this blog. Despite being a “social network addict” (ok, not really, but I do use it quite a bit), I don’t blog. This is my first attempt and when I thought about what I could blog about, I thought about what is important to me both professionally and personally …

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Virtual Therapy Sessions Available! Ketamine-Assisted Therapy and Brainspotting Available!

Call us at (719) 357-8957 to schedule an appt for virtual visits! Covered by most insurances!

We are now offering in-person and virtual Ketamine-Assisted Therapy and Brainspotting!

We have office locations in Colorado Springs, CO and Seattle, WA (coming Jan 2024!)

Virtual Therapy is available to clients in Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, South Dakota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Illinois!

Virtual Coaching sessions are available nationwide!

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