April 2023

Is Online Therapy Right for You?

Mental health is a vital aspect of overall well-being. Just as we take care of our physical health, it’s equally essential to prioritize our mental health. Many people struggle with anxiety, stress, and depression, but seeking help is not always easy. Due to busy schedules, transportation issues, or location constraints, traditional therapy sessions may be …

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Virtual Therapy Sessions Available! Ketamine-Assisted Therapy and Brainspotting Available!

Call us at (719) 357-8957 to schedule an appt for virtual visits! Covered by most insurances!

We are now offering in-person and virtual Ketamine-Assisted Therapy and Brainspotting!

We have office locations in Colorado Springs, CO and Seattle, WA (coming Jan 2024!)

Virtual Therapy is available to clients in Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, South Dakota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Illinois!

Virtual Coaching sessions are available nationwide!

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