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Conditions Treatable Through Telehealth Mental Health Counseling

Telehealth mental health counseling is an increasingly popular way to receive mental health treatment. Telehealth counseling utilizes digital technology to connect individuals with mental health professionals, allowing them to receive treatment from the comfort of their home or office. This type of counseling is becoming more and more popular as individuals seek out a convenient …

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Benefits of Virtual Therapy

Times sure have been changing in the last few years. Convenience is key and, after Covid-19, safety is a huge concern. One of the ways that we have been able to accommodate clients during these new times is to offer therapy virtually. Take a look at all of the perks of virtual therapy offered here …

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Divided in Trauma

It’s 3am and I’m up. 2 parts of me tearing at each other. The first: my rational self, go to bed, it’s late, you can check the results in the morning. The other: my emotional self, begging to know now because all it would take is a glance at my phone to find out who is the …

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I choose to be here and to be me

Let me warn you first that this is not a story about rainbows, butterflies and motherly perfection. This is about being real, imperfect and choosing to show up for the pain to gain wisdom and healing from it. It is about suffering and transformation. So I guess maybe there are some rainbows and butterflies at …

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Let’s learn to let go

Spring is time for change. It’s energy renewal happening all around us and we can use this renewal to wake us up to our lives. It’s a great energetic time to practice letting go. Take a look at your own patterns with holding emotional energy, holding onto people, or even to things and explore what …

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