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Overcoming Stigma: How Online Counseling is Changing the Perception of Therapy

The stigma around therapy has diverted people from seeking mental help for many years. These misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding therapy are decreasing with the rising popularity of online counseling. Below, we at Mindful Springs Counseling, discuss the important role online therapy plays in changing the perception of therapy.

More Accessibility

Online telehealth therapy is more accessible than in-person therapy. People often avoid therapy because of time constraints or the lack of access to therapy centers depending on their location. Having access to online therapy allows individuals the ability to meet with therapists whenever and wherever they need to.

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Increased Sense of Privacy

There is often a needless sense of shame and fear of judgment when people seek help with anxiety, stress, or depression. Teletherapy reduces this fear because individuals can participate in the privacy of their own homes. It also reduces anxiety about face-to-face communication making therapy a less intimidating experience.

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Therapist Selection

If people search for therapists solely near their location, they will have limited options. When utilizing an online therapy center, you have access to a wider range of therapists. This increases the ability to connect with a counselor that suits all your needs such as speaking your native language or relating to your cultural background. Access to a diverse group of therapists can promote better understanding and create a more welcoming environment for clients.

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Online counseling is usually more cost-effective than in-person therapy. Therapy can often be seen as an unnecessary expense, but more affordable online therapy can minimize this concern. Clients avoid commuting to therapy centers and paying for overhead costs by meeting virtually. This helps dispel the notion that therapy comes at a high financial cost, opening the doors to individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds and enhancing accessibility.

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Although mental health stigmas are still present today, online counseling is changing the perception of therapy one step at a time. Mindful Springs Counseling offers both virtual and face-to-face therapy to meet the needs of all our clients. If you are interested in our therapy services, book a free 15-minute initial consultation today!

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