5 Ways to Find Balance, Clarity and Peace

This is sort of like a cheat-sheet when you’re overstressed, overwhelmed and overworked. Think of your “5 senses” and you’re likely to come up with a way to re-balance even when your brain is feeling fried.

1) Touch

Grab and cuddle your favorite blanket, hug your partner, your kids or a friend, pet your cat. These are all great ways to engage your sense of touch and to get your mind back to the present moment so that you can re-balance.

2) Smell

This is my favorite. To de-stress, light your favorite smelly candle, defuse or rub on some essential oils, get an aromatherapy massage (touch and smell at the same time!). This can be one of the most powerful of the senses to bring back the emotions of positive memories. Use aromas that are likely to trigger the emotional state that you’re looking for, then focus on that moment as you find your center.

3) Sight

Surround yourself in an environment that is visually pleasing. If you’re not in one, remove yourself when you need to find clarity. Go for a walk and observe the changing colors of the leaves or settle into your favorite room of your home and really notice why it feels so great to you. 

4) Taste

You’re not going to feel more grounded by busting out that gallon of ice cream you bought the other day and devouring every bite, but you can create list of go-to tastes that elicit calm in you. Drink a cup of chamomile tea, let a Hersey’s kiss melt in your mouth, or really notice how your morning cup of coffee engages your taste buds and helps you start your day. It’s a no brainer that food and drink can bring us comfort, but the key to using taste to help you find your balance is tasting mindfully. Be aware. Be present.

5) Sound

Music can deepen or even help you change your mood. First, notice how you are feeling and why you’re needing to re-balance. Are you angry? Don’t crank up ‘Disturbed’ if your goals are balance, clarity and peace. Are you overwhelmed, but can’t quite put your finger on the causes? Put on some relaxing music that will help you let go of that stressful energy so that you can gain clarity. 

What’s important is that you find what works well for you. Experiment a little with each of the categories and notice what works and in what situations. Taste may work if you’re feeling sad and looking to balance, but not when you’re angry. Touch seems to work only when you’re a little stressed, but not when you’re completely overwhelmed. And remember, do it all mindfully.

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