Why Choose Online Therapy as Your Preferred Form of Therapy

Why Choose Online Therapy as Your Preferred Form of Therapy?

In working with clients as an online mental health provider, I can attest to the benefits of telehealth and have received feedback from patients as to why they prefer online therapy too!

When COVID reached its peak, many mental health providers began offering online therapy to ensure the safety of their patients and to respond to government orders to work online whenever possible. During this time, clients and providers alike began to see the benefits of online therapy:

–       Online therapy provides you the ease of meeting with your provider in a comfortable location without having to drive to an office. Many clients appreciate that as it saves them the travel time and gas money and allows them to meet their provider from work, home, or without stressing over childcare.

–       Online therapy provides clients the ability to meet their provider without worry about the weather, and driving conditions. As a provider, I appreciate this as it doesn’t disrupt the therapeutic treatment process with less missed sessions due to these potential interruptions that are outside of our control.

–       Online therapy reduces time off work clients take as they reduce drive time to and from the therapy office. By meeting your therapist over lunch or during a break you can reduce time off work.  Employers who sponsor online therapy for their employees also benefit from increased productivity!

–       We often see in couples a struggle with engagement and attendance for traditional in-office couples therapy due to differences in schedule and availability. Online therapy works well for couples with this issue who are in different locations during the time of service. Many clients enjoy meeting their provider with their partner and often need to do so from two separate locations. Attendance and participation in couples therapy increases with this improved accessibility!

–       Online therapy provides ease of service for teens! Parents often cannot take time off work to drive their adolescents to therapy; with online therapy, youth can meet with their therapists after school without parents having to take time off of work or school.

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