Jessie Walter, LPC

Jessie (she/her) believes counseling is about bolstering your strengths, purposefully leaning into your pain, refining your life tools to more effectively manage the anxiety, depression, emotional distress, grief, illness, loss, relationship challenges, transitions, trauma, etc., and helping you to accept, honor, and respect yourself in ways that are fulfilling and meaningful. Jessie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an MSC Level III Psychotherapist.

Jessie approaches counseling with a deep appreciation for the unique ways each of us works to embrace life, process pain, and pursue growth. We all have a rich history of experiences to integrate and, the reality is, at times, that can seem a monumental endeavor. 

She believes counseling is about taking ownership, bolstering your strengths, purposefully leaning into your experiences, and refining your life tools to embrace fulfillment; helping you to accept, honor, and respect yourself in ways that are meaningful. Each session is tailored to who you are, in that moment, and what it is that you are needing - be it as an individual or a couple.  

Jessie’s work focuses on working with those who are ready to invest in cultivating change in their lives both individually or as a couple. She knows that it’s not about how many life tools you have, but how you consciously and effectively apply them. Jessie has advanced training in grief  and loss, which she views as woven into the very fabric of struggle. She also has worked extensively with those challenged by chronic illness and physical disabilities; navigating the myriad of dimensions that arise. Jessie is part of the practice’s perinatal team, seeing those who have experienced trauma or loss, as well as those adjusting to this transformational period.

*This therapist has chronic health issue(s) that may impact her schedule from time to time and may result in therapist initiated cancellations or leaves of absence. This is added as an advisement to allow clients to consider whether this will work for their needs and schedules and not to diminish the quality of care provided by this therapist.

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