Christina "CJ" Sincere, Operations and Administrative Services Manager

CJ (she/her) is an invaluable part of the Mindful Springs team and often really is the glue that keeps us working together well. Beginning as our main administrative services representative, CJ assisted our Executive Director in creating a functional daily, weekly and monthly work flow at the Practice, raising the quality of our client service, expanding our administrative services and ensuring the collaboration between staff and teams. She now leads an expanding administrative services team of 4 and is continually working on ways to improve our work flow and client care.

Christina “CJ” Sincere, Operations and Administrative Services Manager, is a natural multi-tasker, who tends to be juggling at least 10 proverbial balls at any given time. CJ is involved in behind-the-scenes client care and support, ensuring our clients get the best service. A part-time homeschooling mom of 5, she is a natural caregiver, well suited her role at Mindful Springs Counseling. CJ is happiest when she is taking care of others – clients, therapists, family, friends, pets and livestock!

In her “free time” she can usually be found creating lesson plans, driving kids around, feeding people, talking to her family in Germany, or, if she’s really lucky, she’ll be out camping and fishing with her husband.

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