Taylor Allen smiling in front of painted blue brick wall

Taylor Allen, LCSW

Taylor (she/her) co-creates a safe space that honors the challenges and triumphs of being
human, partnering with clients to embrace their whole selves and reconnect with their inherent
healing potential and wisdom. Her approach encourages embodied awareness, allowing clients
to safely connect with their physical sensations, emotions, and memories, while fostering
self-awareness, compassion, and curiosity. Taylor seeks to empower clients’ choice and voice
throughout the therapy journey as they connect to their authentic expression and meaning in
their stories and experiences.

Taylor specializes in supporting young adults navigating life’s challenges, complex and
developmental trauma, depression, anxiety, substance use, self-harm, and stress/burnout. She
also welcomes adults of all ages, backgrounds, and identities seeking to heal, grow, and thrive.

Taylor is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, certified NARM therapist, and a Mindful Springs
Counseling Level III Psychotherapist. She is currently accepting new clients.

Taylor's mental health career began in residential treatment and school settings, supporting
children and adolescents. She then transitioned to community mental health, providing complex
trauma therapy to youth and young adults facing challenges like homelessness, experiences of
violence, systemic oppression, foster care transitions, young parenting, and building a life that
they loved. This experience ignited her passion for providing holistic, client-centered, and
strengths-based support to empower individuals to consciously create their own path and
legacy, moving beyond their previous experiences or current situations.

Drawing on a diverse range of modalities, including attachment theory, humanistic,
somatic-based, CBT, DBT, parts work, and mindfulness approaches, Taylor creates an
integrated approach to therapy. She is certified in NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model), a
method designed to address relational, developmental, and complex trauma. NARM integrates
traditional psychotherapy with mind-body techniques to promote self-regulation, connection, and
freedom from limiting patterns stemming from adaptations to past experiences.

Recognizing that everyone deserves access to quality mental healthcare, Taylor actively works
to create a culturally humble, safe, and affirming space for clients of all races, ethnicities, sexual
orientations, gender identities, abilities, and diversities.

Outside of therapy, Taylor enjoys spending time outdoors and connecting with her dog. When
she's not exploring nature or the open road, she finds inspiration in art, music, and diverse
cultural experiences. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, but awaits the opportunity to live
near the Rocky Mountains! (Her dog does too!)

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