Michael Bollin, LPC

Michael (he/him) enjoys helping his clients to realize that they are so much more than their symptoms are telling them. He believes and has had much success with helping clients realize they are already whole and complete and their symptoms are often a product of their mind and nervous system patterns that date back to childhood. Through mindfulness training and CBT, he helps clients to overcome their negative “software program” that has caused them cyclical feelings and thoughts that have convinced them of their inadequacy. It is such a joy for him to watch clients learn to overcome these feelings and thoughts and take back their self-control over the mind and nervous system so they can better regulate stress and settle into their positive self- esteem. Michael works with ages 16 to any aged adult, and has had much success with incorporating family therapy in his work with individuals through an eclectic blend of CBT, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness training that is tailored to each client. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and MSC Level IV Psychotherapist.

When clients are in session with me, my primary goal is to provide an empathetic, healing, and hope inspiring presence and atmosphere. I deeply connect with my clients and strive to create the space and relationship in which my clients feel safe and honored. I like for my clients to feel how much I care about them, while providing the truthful feedback and tools that help them take new levels of ownership for their own growth.

Clients who work with me can expect to identify and overcome many of the patterns and perceptions in their lives that have been holding them back and causing unpleasant symptoms like anxiety and depression. My clients learn how their perceptions, nervous systems, and thought lives were wired when they were younger, and they receive the tools to re-wire and create the new feelings, perceptions and patterns that they want. Most of my clients tell me that I help them feel hopeful and inspired to value themselves on a whole new level.

Some of the tools I use to help my clients are: building an empathetic therapeutic alliance with mutual trust, delivering excellent active listening, and helping clients to see and overcome mind patterns that have been leading to unpleasant symptoms. Mindfulness training is a fantastic tool in which I help my clients overcome their problematic thoughts and emotions while finding their true, valuable, peaceful self; outside of their old patterns and perceptions. Once you realize how your can change what thoughts you focus on, you can re-wire your perceptions.

The treatment modalities I use are Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. I combine these approaches into an eclectic and personalized approach to meet each of my clients where they are at, while helping them to see their perceptions differently. I enjoy doing in-session mindfulness training and many interactive CBT approaches to open up new possibilities of healing for my clients.

I received my Master’s degree in Professional Counseling about 6 years ago from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. I have been working full-time in private practice ever since then with hundreds of clients. I have had great success working with adults, teens and families suffering from a wide range of symptoms.

​One of my other specialties is Christian Counseling. I have learned the balance of providing faith-based CBT treatment for Christians while honoring my clinical training and expertise as a licensed counselor. Many people have a relationship with God, and I love being able to include God in our counseling approach to those who are interested. Of course, I would never impose my views on anyone and will honor each of my clients irrelevant of their spiritual beliefs.

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