Meredith Faas, LCSW

Meredith (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an MSC Level III Psychotherapist. She is talented at connecting with adolescents and young adults, making them feel seen, safe, and heard. Meredith also enjoys working with athletes on performance and identity. She provides individual and family therapy to ages 10 and up.

Meredith provides individual and family therapy to ages 10 and up and is an LCSW who has experience working in the school setting, homeless shelters, and residential treatment facilities. She also has experience working with the juvenile justice system and has a heart for at-risk youth. Meredith is able to integrate her past experience into the therapy setting, understanding the school system and how to the system both can affect and support students with mental health needs.

Meredith is also an athlete and enjoys working with athletes on identity issues involving sports and performance. She has always been passionate about hearing people’s stories and making people feel seen and heard and has a talent for connecting with others. Meredith is zealous about working with adolescents and young adults and empowering them to become their most whole and authentic self. She creates a calming, compassionate, and healing environment with her clients. Meredith would be honored to walk-alongside you as you take another step toward healing and growth.

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