Meghan Begue, LCSW

Meghan (she/her) specializes in the treatment of trauma, self-esteem, anxiety, depression and women’s issues. Meghan is passionate about empowering young adults. She is open, affirming and passionate about topics surrounding sexuality and LGBTQIAP+. Through warmth, unconditional positive regard and a variety of therapeutic approaches, she creates a safe, healing environment for her clients. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a student intern clinical supervisor, MSC's internal compliance officer, and an MSC Level III Psychotherapist.

Meghan Begue, MSSA, LCSW (she/ her) graduated from the University of Akron, Ohio with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She received her Master of Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio with a focus on direct mental health practice.

Meghan enjoys working with adolescents and adults from ages 16 and above. She specializes in treating trauma, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, women’s issues and transitional age youth. A passion of Meghan is to empower adolescents and young adults through the development of positive self-esteem, the cultivation of courage and motivation to set rewarding life goals. Meghan is currently enrolled in postgraduate training in EMDR (for the treatment of trauma) and perinatal mental health.

Additionally, Meghan is open, affirming and passionate about women’s mental health and topics surrounding sexuality and LGBTQIAP+. She is dedicated in helping her clients find motivation to make positive changes in their lives. Meghan uses an eclectic approach in therapy through the combination of cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and mindfulness modalities. She is currently pursuing training and certification in Perinatal Mental Health.

Meghan enjoys reading, writing, kayaking, camping, rock climbing and wood working. She also loves spending time outdoors with her dog, Moose.

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